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Favorite CD: The Essential Allman Brothers

Hometown: Columbus, Montana

Siblings: One sister, Gerlinde

Other Family: They won't claim me

First Job: Stacking lumber and go-fering for my dad's construction company 50 cents an free!!!

First Radio Job: Babysitting an automated top 40 station in Billings, MT. Wow, thought I was cool...Yeah.

Biggest Surprise About You:  I don't mind cooking and really.

Favorite Food:  Steak, seafood, Mexican, Italian, my mom's ... you want me to keep going...I can't stop at one....Come on!

Favorite Sport: Boxing

Favorite Movie: To Kill a Mockingbird, Follow Me Boys, Anything with John Wayne. Again...I can't stop at just one.

Hobbies: Working in my yard, my Harley, collecting watches, photography

Favorite Sound:  Kinda partial to my Vance and Hines straight shot pipes on my Harley.....I like laughter too.....

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere I don't have to work....always love to go back to Montana....

Fly Or Drive: I fly when I question.

First Car: 1974 Ford Pinto Country Squire...fake woodgrain on the side....we drove that poor little bucket of bolts into the ground....I had to share it with my sister.

Visions For This Year:  To make it to the end and start over again.....

Magazines You Subscribe To: Men's Health, Hogtails, American Iron

Guilty Pleasures:  Haagen Daaz Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Things You Love The Most You Lost:  My 29 inch waist

Do You Balance Your Checkbook? Yeah....doesn't everybody?

Luckiest Moment: When I met my wife of 24 years

Personal Motto: Keep your feet on the ground and your ankles right above em!

Scariest Moment: When I was told I have heart disease...that was an eye opener

Physical Fitness Routine: I walk with my dog Maggie, and keep busy outside.

Things You hate To Do: Answer a lot of personal questions....surveys and stuff...ya know.

Who would You Like To Meet: John Wayne, any one who rides a Harley

What Can You Cook Well:  I've been told my steaks are tasty....chili, soups, stew, breakfast, tacos, I love to cook.

Who Is Your Hero:  My Dad...he's the best.

Favorite Ice Cream: See the guilty pleasures section of this snoopfest

How Would Your Best Friends Describe You To a Stranger: Intense but means well

Favorite Toy As A Child: My pet dirt clod and GI Joe

What Is Your Favorite Flower: Iris

What Would You Do On A Perfect Day Off: Ride on the Harley with my wife...Have lunch somewhere...and swim nekkid!

What Was Your Best Subject In School: Science, history, shop, lunch, gym, lunch, English, lunch, band, lunch, chorus...Oh and lunch.

What Is The Sexiest Phrase In The English Language: Come here I wanna show you something.

Name A Singer, Book Or  Movie That Should Be Famous But Isn't: Not sure... If me singing in the shower Geez I tend to listen to, read from, and watch the famous stuff....Mmmm.

Do You Know Your Way Around A Grocery Store: Yep....Everything for me centers around the butcher block....

Do You Pick Out Your Own Clothes: No I have clothes gnomes that do that for me....Doesn't everybody?

What Do You Eat For Breakfast: Fruit, whole grain cereal, yogurt, maybe a little heavier on the weekends....

Most Embarrasing Moment In Radio: I cussed once….I'd repeat what I said...But the FCC doesn't allow that one....

First Girlfriend: Oh God, really?...Which week and which year?...I was girl crazy as a kid.

Biggest Surprise About You: I like to go shopping with my wife....she usually spoils me with something....but spending time with her far outweighs that!

What song do you wish you had written: Crazy...Willie Nelson is brilliant.

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