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A Little about Jamie

Jamie Patrick

Favorite CD: Bon Jovi "Crossroads"

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Siblings: 1 Sister-Jenelle

Other Family: Mom-Debby, Father-Curtis, Daughter-Koryn, Son-Dalton, Son-Donovan, Wife-Jonna

First Job: Bus Boy at Tony Roma's

First Radio Job: 93 Zoo FM KZZU

Biggest Surprise About You: I have two Tattoos

Favorite Food: Italian

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Movie: "A Few Good Men" I used to want to be a lawyer

Hobbies: Working out, Playing Golf, Shooting Pool

Favorite Sound: My Daughters Laugh

Favorite Vacation Spot: Vegas Baby!!

Fly Or Drive: Fly

First Car: 1982 Buick

Visions For This Year: A much more fulfilling personal and career life.

Magazines You Subscribe To: Bon Appetite, Men's Health,

Guilty Pleasures: Karaoke

Do You Balance Your Checkbook? Oh NO!!!

Luckiest Moment: The minute my daughter was born

Personal Motto: "Don't play leapfrog with a unicorn!" "This to shall pass"

Scariest Moment: Losing my first radio job

Physical Fitness Routine: Cardio and lift at least 3-4 times per week

Things You Hate To Do: Clean the bathroom (But I do it), Say by-bye to my little girl.

Who would You Like To Meet: Bill Clinton, Hugh Hefner, and Hank Williams Jr--Talk about a party!!

What Can You Cook Well: Name it

Who Is Your Hero: My Mom. She raised me and my sister alone

Favorite Ice Cream: Goo Goo Cluster (circa 1986--tons of Caramel)

How Would Your Best Friends Describe You To a Stranger: NUTS!!!

Favorite Toy As A Child: Soccer Ball

What Is Your Favorite Flower: Carnations

What Would You Do On A Perfect Day Off: Play 36 holes of golf with my daughter when she is old enough.

What Was Your Best Subject In School: English/Speech

What Is The Sexiest Phrase In The English Language: "Sure, I got 10 minutes to kill"

Name A Singer, Book Or  Movie That Should Be Famous But Isn't: Jerome McCombs

Do You Know Your Way Around A Grocery Store: Oh Yeah!!! Get outta my way and you better have your check already made out at the check out line.

Do You Pick Out Your Own Clothes: Yes

What Do You Eat For Breakfast: Snickers Bar and a Diet Coke

Most Embarrasing Moment In Radio: I was working a night club, and I was wearing a pair of leather pants. The owner of the club said that he would bonus me $50 if I would let them shoot a confetti cannon filled with hot dogs at my rear to see if they would splatter aginst the leather. They did, it hurt, but I scored an extra $50 bucks.

First Girlfriend: Deana Ray (Shiloh Hills--4th grade)

What song do you wish you had written: "Turn the Page" Bob Seger


A Little about Sybil

Born and raised in San Francisco, Sybil moved to the Inland Northwest in August 2011…and loves it! “There’s such a sense of community here, and I have never felt more at home.” She also spent a few years back in New York, and was there on 9/11/2001. “I’ll never forget living through that. My kids all had friends who lost a parent in the Towers, and it changed my perspective on everything.” Come on in and join our Morning show for her unique take on life and living life to its fullest!

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